Behind the Scenes

Bucket List Item: Meet Joss Whedon - SUCCESSThe Joss Whedon Fan Club (JWFC) was founded specifically to honor writer, director, producer, songwriter, activist, and sometimes actor, Joss Whedon.

We passionately celebrate Whedon’s extraordinary work.

We also respect and appreciate Whedon’s consistent success in developing stories featuring strong, intelligent, independent, and heroic female characters without diminishing the strengths of the other characters around them. We support Whedon’s mission to abolish inaccurate and harmful female stereotypes from the film and television landscape.

JWFC was founded by siblings, Kristin and Erich, in July of 2006. We are currently in the process of giving the entire site a makeover, increasing our web presence (join us on Facebook and Twitter!), and adding more ways for fans to participate. Thanks for your patience during our do-over.